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Scam Alert

Despite all of the warnings out there to be aware of scammers, we are seeing new scam victims each week. Part of our "People Helping People" mission is helping our members stay ahead of scammers and the financial misery they spread.

Remember, being a scam artist is a job. People get good at their jobs. They only need to catch one weak moment to cause you severe financial headaches.

Awareness and education are your best tools to make yourself scam proof.

Here are some tools you can use. There's a lot of information here, but investing time in reading some or all of these tips may be just the sheild you need when a scammer tries to scam you. 

Tools from us: Banzai Education - Fraud and Security

Tools from the US: FTC Scam information

Tools from the Better Business Bureau: 10 Tips to Avoid Scams

Tools from Good Housekeeping: How to Avoid a Scam 




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