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While it is true that money can’t buy you happiness, it is likewise true that money can be a source of stress if it isn’t managed wisely.

At Riverbank Federal Credit Union we want to help you reach your personal financial goals and deal with finance related stress.  We’ve partnered with Banzai, the award-winning financial education program, to provide tools and information that will help you learn important financial skills no matter what stage of life you’re in.  All of these valuable learning programs are totally free for RFCU Members and Non-members alike.  It's completely web-based so there's no need to install any software - you have full access from anywhere, anytime.

Banzai is a learn-by-doing program that teaches healthy finance habits, planning and responsibility.  The program is offered in two formats, adults and youths.

The adult program offers an online library with in-depth articles to help you master your finances. Topics include budgeting, insurance, retirement, buying a house, taxes, life changes, borrowing and credit, smart living, starting a business and more! There are also a variety of calculators and interactive financial coaches to help you manage your finances wisely.  Start having fun while learning about finances online today!

Our youth program uses an interactive game format to help youths learn about managing money in age-appropriate scenarios.  Research strongly supports the idea that giving your children sound financial practices while they are young sets them up to be successful in life.  RFCU is an advocate for empowering our youth members with these tools.

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