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Youth Programs

RFCU knows that young people are the future.  We help to empower children and teens with the financial knowledge and confidence they need to make a difference in their world.  We partner with other organizations that share the commitment we have to our community’s youth.

Credit Union Coins

When a Junior Account was opened at Windsor Locks FCU, the new member received a WLFCU Box.  Every time a deposit of $5 or more was made to a Junior Account, the child received a Credit Union Coin to collect in their WLFCU Box. 

We have discontinued this program, but we recognize that some members are using the CU coins to encourage youth savings habits. If your junior member is in this group, please be assured that Credit Union coins can still be collected and redeemed at RFCU for awesome prizes!

if you would like to collect a CU coin for a $5 or more deposit, simply ask your Member Service Representative for a coin and they'll happily provide one. If you would like to redeem CU coins, the prizes have not changed and we'll happily fulfill yours!

  • 5 Coins………………. Stuffed Animal
  • 20 Coins…………….. $5 Gift Card (Choice of Dunkin', McDonald's or Dairy Cream)
  • 50 Coins……………… $25 Spare Time Entertainment Gift Card
  • 100 Coins……………. Small Tablet


  • Youth member must be present during transaction (no transfers or adults making deposits on behalf of child)
  • Maximum of one Credit Union Coin per day, 10 per month
  • More than 3 withdrawals during a month exempts earning a Credit Union coin until the following month


RFCU sponsors the Banzai financial Literacy program in the Windsor Locks Public Schools system. The program comes with workbooks, an online platform, and in-class presentations by RFCU employees. We make Banzai available to the Middle School and the High School at no cost.

Banzai financial Literacy program

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Financial Reality Fairs

Financial Reality Fairs are hands-on life simulation events for High School classes.  The students begin with a randomly-generated after-college identity, including occupation, income, and credit score.  They visit various booths that represent different areas of life where people typically spend their money: transportation, housing, entertainment, vacations, pets, etc.  The booths are staffed by Connecticut Credit Union volunteers who work to “sell” students the different products and services.  The goal for the students is to create a monthly budget that stays within their income and, ideally, have some money leftover as savings.  At the end of the exercise, students meet with Credit Union Certified Financial Counselors to review their budgets and receive feedback.

RFCU participates in Financial Reality Fairs in the Hartford County every year.  The fairs are a blast for students, teachers, and Credit Union employees.  Ask your High School business teacher if your class can attend a Financial Reality Fair this year! 

Connecticut's credit unions

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Junior Achievement

RFCU partners with Junior Achievement to help achieve their mission of preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.  We help to impart the core values of entrepreneurialism, work-readiness, and financial literacy.

RFCU employees volunteer with Junior Achievement every year in various Hartford County schools.  We participate in two different formats.  In JA Days, RFCU employees teach a class for the whole day.  In the traditional delivery, RFCU employees visit classrooms for individual lesson plans.  JA provides the lesson plans, and RFCU employees enrich learning with first-hand financial knowledge.

Junior Achievement

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