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Free Checking Account

Open a checking account at Riverbank Federal Credit Union (RFCU)

Your free RFCU checking account is one of the best values we offer

  • No monthly service fees.
  • No minimum balance or direct deposit requirements.
  • No monthly fee Visa Debit Card.
  • A balance of $1,000 earns dividends paid monthly based on the Average Daily Balance.
  • Overdraft Protection options.
  • Must be a member with RFCU by having a Primary Share Savings account.


Free eServices include:

  • Internet Home Banking;
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit;
  • Bill Payer;
  • eStatements;
  • eNotices;
  • MoneyDesktop - a money management and budgeting tool;
  • Telephone Audio Response.

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Direct Deposit to your RFCU accounts

  • Have all your payments such as payroll, social security, retirement and US Treasury directly deposited to your RFCU checking or savings accounts.
  • Receive your payments on their scheduled date rather than waiting for them in the mail.
  • Direct Deposit is safe and secure; no checks to be lost or stolen.
  • Saves you a trip to the Credit Union and your funds are available immediately.
  • Riverbank Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number is 211180159.

Sign Up Today

Complete the sign up form and give to your payroll department or other agency. Please call our Member Services department at 860-292-2940 for more information.

RFCU Overdraft Protection Options

We know that people don't overdraw their accounts on purpose. Life sometimes gets hectic and mistakes can happen. RFCU’s Overdraft Protection Options can save you the embarrassment of a returned check or electronic item and saves you the expense of an insufficient funds fee.

With Overdraft Protection you can pay bills electronically, write checks and use your RFCU debit card without worrying about the balance in your checking account. There are three methods of RFCU Overdraft Protection to choose from or set up both for maximum protection:

Automatic Savings Transfer*

If there are enough funds in your primary share savings account to cover an item presented against your checking, we will make an automatic transfer to cover the item.  You can chose to link additional savings accounts to your checking account.  A transfer fee will be charged for covering overdrafts created by check, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

*Federal Regulation D may limit the number of transfers to 6 per month in combination with transfers you might make through Internet Home Banking or Audio Response.

RFCU Overdraft Line of Credit

Funds are automatically transferred from your overdraft line to cover ATM/debit transactions, checks or electronic payments. There are no transfer fees however you are charged interest daily on the money that you use, for however long you use it. The quicker you pay back the money, the less it will cost you.  When you use your line of credit, payments are due on the 25th of each month.

Apply Today

With so many great options available, why not open your free RFCU checking account today!

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