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Riverbank FCU is here!

Change can bring a feeling of uncertainty.  We’re working hard to make this change free of uncertainty for you.  Many of the questions you may have can be found in this guide, along with their answers.

We want this to be a positive change for you.  If at any time you have a question, concern, or comment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the contacts below.  Thank you for continuing your financial journey with Riverbank FCU.

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Here are answers to common questions you may have:


1.) Why is WLFCU changing its name?

We’re not merging or being bought by another financial institution. Everyone who lives, works, worships or goes to school in Hartford County is eligible to be a member of WLFCU. We chose a new name to better reflect this open membership opportunity. Riverbank FCU is a name that the credit union’s volunteer Board and management feel will support our future growth of membership.

2.) When will the name change occur?

Our new name will be official on April 3, 2023.

3.) Will the change impact the products, services, staff, account numbers, routing number or locations?

No. This will be a change in name only. There will not be a change to staff, products, or member account numbers. There will be no need to order new debit cards, credit cards, or checks. Our routing number will not change.

4.) Will my checks, debit card, and credit card still work if they have the old WLFCU logo?

Yes. Once your cards expire or you run out of checks, the new ones will carry the new logo. Since account numbers and our routing number are not changing, existing cards and checks will still work.

5.) What is the name history of our credit union?

Our cooperative was established in 1940 as St. Mary’s Windsor Locks Parish Federal Credit Union. It was created to serve the parishioners of St. Mary’s Church. In 1979 the credit union charter was changed to allow more people in Hartford County to join and the name was changed to Windsor Locks Federal Credit Union.

6.) How did we arrive at this name?

Our staff and Board of Directors worked together to come up with name options.  We considered many alternatives and Riverbank rose to the top of the list.  We feel everyone in our area is connected by the Connecticut River and it plays a big part in the communities we serve. The logo reflects both the river and our Windsor Locks heritage. The green upper section of the logo is meant to evoke memories of Pine Meadow, the original name of the town.  It can also be viewed as upward arrows, signifying our growth into the future.

7.) What guidelines did you follow in creating the name?

We wanted a name that’s simple and not geographically limiting. We worked to create a name that’s welcoming and reflective of the cooperative's heritage.

8.) Did the members vote to approve the new name?

Current Credit Union law does not require a membership vote for a name change.

9.) Will a name change inhibit our success?

We measure "success" by how much we give back to our members, staff, and the communities we serve. While we value our heritage, nothing will change our commitment to serve these three stakeholders. In fact, we believe our success will be greater as we continually improve in these three areas!

10.) What will the new web address be?

It will be Those trying to reach the old address will be automatically forwarded. Your online banking login information will not change.

11.) Will I need to download a new app for mobile banking?

Yes. We will notify members when this is ready. The current app will continue to work until the new app is published. It will not require re-enrollment and your old password will still work to log in.

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